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Clearing and Forwading



We employ a high standard of experienced personnel at each level and in every department. Our modern management approach to human resource ensures that we have the best trained and experienced personnel.

Our personnel offer expertise in all areas of the freight industry, from handling of general cargo and vehicles to perishables, to dangerous goods, live animals and other sensitive commodities. This blend of expertise enables us to offer comprehensive, efficient and personalized service to every client.

We pay particular attention to professional growth of our personnel by offering regular in-house and external training to enhance their knowledge and professional qualities and competences.

Our Team Includes

Jean Baptiste Gasangwa: Managing director

Olivier Gasangawa: Operation manager

Amos Odhambo : Administrator

Joseph Nsabayezu : Operation officer

Walter Lime : office coordinator, Declaration officer and receptionist

Patrick Ojal : Port supervisor

Gijo Msafiri : Customs and shipping line officer

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